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6 Surprising Non-Dairy Foods High in Calcium You Can Eat Every Day

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6 Surprising Non-Dairy Foods High in Calcium You Can Eat Every Day

There are some foods everybody seems to know are high in calcium, and most of them are in the dairy section. If you are looking for additional places to get your daily calcium, or you cannot tolerate dairy products, we’ve found some sources that might surprise you.
Kale has 180mg calcium per 2 cups chopped. Being rich in other vitamins and fiber, it’s a powerhouse of a veggie.
Fortified orange juice has 300mg per cup. This is right up there with the calcium content in milk, but make sure you check your nutrition facts to get the juice with this much calcium content.
Fortified oatmeal/cereals can have anywhere from 100-1000mg per cup. Whole-grain Total cereal has 1000mg per serving, which is among the highest in cold cereals. Even some of the sweeter cereals, such as Marshmallow Mateys by Malt-O-Meal, has 137mg per serving, which is 14% of your daily value. Again, check your label to see how much your breakfast cereal has. Sometimes a different brand of a similar cereal will get you more calcium.
White Beans contain 161mg per 1 cup cooked. Chickpeas and red beans hover right around 100mg in the same serving size.
Chia seeds with 179mg per 2T. should make you want to throw them into a variety of foods, from smoothies to oatmeal to even macaroni and cheese. They are virtually tasteless, but your bones will benefit.
Sesame seeds have 176mg in 2T, as well. You might be thinking you wouldn’t eat that many sesame seeds, but remember how you can use tahini, which is ground up sesame seeds, and easily get your daily dose. Tahini is found in many hummus dips, by the way.

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