Are Your Hands Hurting?

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Are Your Hands Hurting?

With so many people working from home on their computers due to Covid shutdowns, some people are experiencing hand pain after typing more hours than usual.  Have you wondered if you have carpal tunnel syndrome?  Do you know what is done for carpal tunnel syndrome?  Paragon Orthopedic Center has a variety of educational videos on its website and one of them addresses carpal tunnel syndrome.  It goes over typical symptoms, many of the causes, and how it can be treated.  Dr. Rob Bents does this procedure frequently and his patients are amazed at how the procedure leaves them pain-free afterward.  This is a procedure that Dr. Bents can do at the surgery center instead of the hospital, which can save you hundreds of dollars.  We recently covered the advantages of surgery centers, so check out that blog from last week if you missed it.  Here is the link for the carpal tunnel video:


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