Do you understand why a mask is important to reduce the Covid cases?

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Do you understand why a mask is important to reduce the Covid cases?

The CDC came out on July 14th to say that masks are one of the strongest weapons we have against the spread of COVID-19 right now and they are calling on Americans to use them, saying it is their responsibility to protect themselves and others.  Here is an article that goes over the studies showing that masks help prevent the spread of the virus, the types of masks and their levels of protection, as well as other bits of information that will help you have an excellent understanding about the connection between wearing a mask and the virus.  A tidbit that is worthy of highlighting: masks with valves do not protect others from you transmitting the virus if you have it.  San Francisco has stated masks with valves do not comply with their mask mandate.  The bottom line is that a mask gives others protection against you if you are a carrier, and it helps to a smaller extent at protecting you from others who might be carriers.  This is such good information, Paragon Orthopedic Center might have to do the next monthly newsletter on it.  Be informed Southern Oregon!


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