Does Surgery Have You Fearful?

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Does Surgery Have You Fearful?

There is a loss of control in surgery for the patient and for some, this loss causes paralyzing fear. Maybe you are feeling anxious about the changes you will have after surgery. The effects of surgery on your body and even those around you can often cause fear and anxiety. You are not alone. It has been said before in our blog that you should take control of your destiny when it comes to your medical care. Put some time into at least decreasing, if not eradicating, that fear. Dr. Bents and Dr. Van Horne understand these feelings and want you to have a successful experience all the way through the surgical process. If you have visited Paragon Orthopedics, you likely know our staff have ready smiles and words of support. We understand! Here are some tips to help you through surgery.

  • Have a positive attitude.
  • Talk to your family and friends. They want you to have a successful surgery and can provide positive support.
  • Get all your questions and concerns addressed in your pre-op visit. We recently did a blog about how to be prepared for that visit and get the most out of it, so check it out.
  • Don’t listen to people who have had bad surgical experiences. Negativity breeds negativity. Surround yourself with people who can positively support you through this process.
  • Pray about it. People gain confidence when they seek help from God.
  • Talk to your anesthesiologist about your feelings. Many times, they have techniques and medicines that can help relax you.

Also, be very aware that not all medical facts you read on the internet are real and/or true. There is a saying about the world wide web that the truth is getting harder to come by. The internet might not be a source of comfort to you, call Paragon Orthopedic Center with your concerns, and always remember to seek the positivity in all of your preparations.

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