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Frustrated About Smoke Interfering With Your Workout?

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Frustrated About Smoke Interfering With Your Workout?

Unfortunately, Southern Oregon is being hit by smoke that is coming at us from multiple directions from multiple forest fires.  Paragon Orthopedics is always encouraging our patients to get out and get exercise, but maybe your plans have been foiled by this unhealthy air.  Or maybe you don’t know how to check the air quality in your area.  Athletes like you are breathing 10 to 20 times more air than a sedentary person, so you should give some thought as to what’s in the air you’re breathing.  Here is an article that will tell you how to find information about air quality in your area and the levels that are not healthy, the differences between what might be in the air (smoke, smog, and allergens), and addresses the question about whether you should wear a mask while you exercise.  Be safe Southern Oregon!

Recommendations for Exercising in Smoky Conditions and Air Pollution | Stages Cycling – North America

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