Golfer’s Elbow…or Is It Tennis Elbow?

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Golfer’s Elbow…or Is It Tennis Elbow?

Golfer’s elbow is pain that occurs on the inside of the elbow as a result of repeatedly using your wrist and clenching your fingers.  The pain stems from damage to the muscles and tendons that work the fingers and wrist.  This isn’t necessarily limited to golfers and can affect anyone who does this repeated motion.  Tennis elbow, however, is pain that occurs on the outside of your elbow, so the location of your pain should help you understand which condition you might have.  Both cause inflammation and pain.  So if you believe you have golfer’s elbow and the pain is on the inside of your elbow, why did this happen?  Do I need to see Dr. Bents or Dr. Van Horne?  Not necessarily.  If your elbow appears deformed,  if your elbow is hot and inflamed with a fever, if you can’t bend your elbow, or if you feel something is very wrong like a broken bone, please call Paragon Orthopedics right away.    There are risk factors that put you at higher risk for developing golfer’s elbow and ways to prevent it.  Here is an article with a graphic that helps you understand the location of pain for both tennis elbow and golfer’s elbow, as well as symptoms and causes of golfer’s elbow.  There is a link at the bottom to continue reading more about diagnosis and treatment.  Check it out here:


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