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Grants Pass Surgery Center Is An Asset To Southern Oregon And You

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Grants Pass Surgery Center Is An Asset To Southern Oregon And You

The newspaper has reported that the local hospitals are full, which has impacted orthopedic surgeries.  If there aren’t any beds, the surgeons cannot do their surgeries because there is nowhere to put the patient when the surgery is done.  While the hospital cancelled surgeries that Dr. Bents and Dr. Van Horne have wanted to do, the Grants Pass Surgery Center has had its doors open and many of the surgeries that would have been cancelled have been successfully done there.  Did you know there are many advantages to having a surgery done at a surgery center and that you have a choice?  Surgery centers can be a cheaper option with less risks.  Here are some of the advantages:

  • Safety:  The CDC states that surgery centers are safer and have less incidences of infections compared to hospitals.
  • Lower cost: Your surgery could be 45-60% less at a surgery center because the smaller scale enables them to keep costs much lower than a large, less efficient hospital.  The staff are still credentialed the same, providing the same care you would get at a hospital, just without all the fees and overhead.
  • Reduced stress: Surgery centers allow you to go home, where you can be more comfortable, versus the unfamiliarity of the hospital and its routines.  The smaller setting also allows for the staff to know you better, providing security and comfort.
  • Convenience and time:  You can usually schedule a surgery at a surgery center sooner than at a hospital.  It has been shown that surgery centers take 26% less time than the same procedure done at a hospital.  These centers are more efficient than a large hospital can be.

Here is a an article that has data for the statistics mentioned and more details about the advantages to surgery centers.  Paragon Orthopedic Center wants you accommodate you.  Ask Dr. Bents or Dr. Van Horne about whether the Grants Pass Surgery Center is an option for you.

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