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How Do You Know If You Need A Hip Replacement?

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How Do You Know If You Need A Hip Replacement?

Having hip or knee pain affects every part of your life as you move about your day.  Even sitting can become painful.  Here we will provide eight signs that it might be time to have your joint replaced.

  1. Completing routine tasks, such as putting on your pants or walking to the car, is difficult.
  2. Conservative treatments, such as physical therapy or over the counter medicines, are not helping.
  3. Your pain is chronic and noticeable.
  4. The pain is taking a toll on you mentally and emotionally.
  5. You’re noticing side effects from medicines used to treat the pain.
  6. Less complicated surgeries are unlikely to help.
  7. Your range of motion has become limited.
  8. Tests reveal significant damage or advanced arthritis.

Both Dr. Rob Bents and Dr. Jim Van Horne are ready to help you with your hip concerns.  Call Paragon Orthopedic Center today for an appointment to talk to someone about whether you might be ready for surgery.  (541)472-0603.

To read more details, here is the full article about the 8 signs:

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