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How Do You Know If Your Collarbone Is Broken?

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How Do You Know If Your Collarbone Is Broken?

The collarbone is also known as the clavicle and connects your breastbone to your shoulder blade.  Broken clavicles are fairly common and seen in many age groups.  They usually happen in the young from a sports injury, and in the older ages from falls.  Dr. Bents typically sees a few of these every month.  Your clavicle is not completely hardened until age 20, so the younger set is at a higher risk of a break.  Here is an article about the symptoms, causes, risk factors, and complications of a broken clavicle.  There are many variables in the treatment of one because a treatment plan depends on the severity of the break; some some require immobilization, and some require surgery.  If pain prevents you from your normal activity, call your healthcare provider to be seen.  Dr. Bents is happy to see you at Paragon Orthopedic Center and our staff is ready to help you if you think you need to be seen: 541-472-0603.


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