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Increasing Job Satisfaction

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Increasing Job Satisfaction

If you don’t feel like you make a difference at work, not only your job satisfaction, but your overall feeling of worth, can become very low.  How can you improve how satisfied you are on the job?  Here are some quick tips from the Mayo Clinic for you to consider at your own place of employment.  The full article is linked at the end of our post.

  • Figure out how you approach your job.  Is it just a job for financial gain?  Is it a career, where you can anticipate advancement?  Is it a calling, where you are using your abilities to benefit others?  You can see from these questions how your motives can affect a current feeling, as well as your future goals.  Consider intentionally changing your approach.
  • What motivates you?  What originally drew you to your job?  Understanding this can help you change your expectations, helping you make choices that  lead to satisfaction.
  • Understand your significance at work.  Focus on the good you are doing and find the positives, keeping those in mind every day.
  • Help others.  You will find your job become more meaningful when you are making an positive impact on others.
  • Collaborate with respected coworkers.  Similar to helping others, collaboration can make the job more meaningful, plus you can avoid difficult workers that take the energy out of the room.
  • Mix it up.  Ask for new responsibilities, training, or tasks, so the job isn’t so repetitive.  Others might express more gratitude for you as you’re seen contributing in different ways.
  • Have an attitude of gratitude.  This forces you to think about the positives.
  • Keep interests outside of work.  Doing things you enjoy in your off hours contribute to an overall better sense of well-being.

Of course finding a new job is an obvious answer if you find yourself continually dissatisfied, but that isn’t always possible.  Remember we all have bad days and these too shall pass.  Make an effort today, so tomorrow might be better.  We hope you have found something here that is helpful.  Paragon Orthopedic Center strives to maintain job satisfaction in our clinic and we hope you see that as you interact with our staff, from the front desk to checking out.  Our goal is always focused on you, the patient, and your satisfaction means everything to us.  Dr. Bents, Dr. Van Horne, and all our staff are here for you Southern Oregon!

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