Let’s talk about mean people. The science behind bullying

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Let’s talk about mean people. The science behind bullying

Bullying is based on intimidation and it’s not only found among kids on the playground.  With all the stress in our world right now and a lack of control, there are adult bullies who find comfort by intimidating others, whether that is through words or by actions.  Have you noticed less courtesy in the grocery store?  Do tailgaters seem to always follow you?  Closely?  Paragon Orthopedic Center occasionally has patients who yell at the staff to try and get their way, or use obscenities when given information that they don’t want to hear.  None of this is ever tolerated at our clinic and if you have seen it, you know we deal with it immediately.  But sometimes you can’t kick your bully immediately out of your life and be done with that person.  Sometimes, a bully affects your every day and has a ripple affect.  Recently, the Wall Street Journal explored this.  Here is a summary of the ways they recommend to deal with them:

Most importantly, make sure you are safe.
Do not engage them because this will encourage more of the attacking behavior.
Do not allow the bully to affect your thoughts.  Limit how much you think or talk about the person.
Accept that you can’t change him/her.
Mentally picture your reaction for satisfaction, but don’t act on any of it.

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