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Love Is In The Air…

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Love Is In The Air…

With love in the minds of many this month, do you love your bones?  Let Paragon Orthopedic Center give you reasons why you should.  It’s a long-term commitment with only a few demands.  The primary reason you should love your bones?  To decrease your risk of osteoporosis.  You might be thinking that your bones are fine without the love, but paying attention to your bone health now can pay off in later years.  Paragon Orthopedics sees people from around the Rogue Valley with back pain, stooped posture,  loss of height, and fractures that could’ve been prevented if the patient only had developed stronger bones.  Sometimes those fractures lead to permanent disability, a poor quality of life, and even death.  Primarily, you should be making sure you get enough bone-building calcium every day, maintain a healthy body weight for your height, get exercise, and stop smoking/drinking excessively.  Need more details?  Check out this article:

Osteoporosis: Love Your Bones and They’ll Love You Back

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