Some light-hearted facts from Paragon Orthopedic Center

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Some light-hearted facts from Paragon Orthopedic Center

This novel coronavirus brings about new statistics and knowledge every day, and maybe some stress with it.  To counter this, Paragon Orthopedic Center brings you a few less-important-but-highly-interesting facts to lighten up your day.

-MSG has never been scientifically proven to give people headaches.
-Dropped pennies cannot kill you.  Their terminal velocity is 30-50 mph, so a dropped penny would hurt, but not kill you.
-A flushed toilet does not rotate in the opposite direction on the other side of the hemisphere.
-Napoleon was not as short as believed.  He was 5ft 6in, which was taller than the average Frenchman at the time.
-Vaccines cause do not cause autism.  There is no scientific evidence of this.  It was fradulent research that got people thinking they do.
-Mother birds will not abandon their baby birds if touched by humans.  They have a very limited sense of smell.  But please leave the baby birds alone.
-Regrown hair isn’t thicker, which some claim it to be.  It only appears that way because of the blunt tip that is caused by cutting it.

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