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Superglue for cuts?

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Superglue for cuts?

Yes, indeed there is a superglue for wounds. It is NOT the same substance used for household repairs though. The type you can use on skin is less toxic and has additives that make it flexible, allowing it to give with the push and pull of your skin. Look at some of the benefits:
-It can reduce scarring
-It can reduce the chances of infection by keeping dirt and bacteria out
-It dries fast to stop bleeding and discomfort
-It stays in place, even under water

Before using this product, there are situations where this is not recommended. It is a great product when used appropriately. Hospitals sometimes use this glue to avoid needle pokes and close a wound quickly. Even Dr. Bents and Dr. Van Horne use this product occasionally here at Paragon Orthopedics and in the OR. Check out this link for more information:

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