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Thanksgiving doesn’t have to be a downer this year

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Thanksgiving doesn’t have to be a downer this year

The news seems to be frequently telling us what we can’t do this Thanksgiving.  Many have given up on their usual plans.  Paragon Orthopedic Center wants you to stay positive through these uncertain days, so here is an article with great suggestions you CAN do.  Country Living came up with not only some clever ideas to do on Thanksgiving, but they will connect you with other links with how to make them happen, such as recipes and crafts.  You’ll find several ideas that are outside.  One of the games includes making use of those pumpkins that haven’t moved from your doorstep since Halloween.  We’ve pointed out in other blogs about the importance of giving and how it’s a great way to cure your blues.  Don’t forget to find a way to give to others this week, whether it’s a food donation to the food bank, dropping some change in the Salvation Army bucket, or taking food to someone you know who can’t/won’t go out this year.  Southern Oregon always comes through for those in need.  We live in an awesome part of the world!

Check this out and create some memories:

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