What is Long COVID?

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What is Long COVID?

There is a curious phenomenon out there referring to some long-term effects after being infected with the coronavirus and they are naming it “Long COVID.”  Some say enduring these effects for weeks and months is worse than when they initially fell ill with the virus.  There is brain fog, where they cannot remember words or bits of information that were once easily retrieved from memory, such as a phone number or a name.  Some experience exhaustion after being an active person before fighting Covid-19, a rapid heartbeat, coughing spells, and/or difficulty breathing.  There have been enough people with these lingering symptoms and others to create a need for a larger study, and the CDC is taking notice.  They want to figure out the mechanism behind the body’s responses.  As it stands, the medical community is baffled.  Are you or someone you know who has had Covid-19 still feeling unwell?  If you have lingering symptoms and would like to be a part of the research, there is a spot in this article by the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy where you can click on the word, “study” and be redirected to that information.  The article can be found here:


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