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What To Do When Your Knees Balk The Walk

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What To Do When Your Knees Balk The Walk

Have you ever wondered if you shouldn’t go for a walk because your knees ache?  Do you know how to protect your knees when you go for a walk?  We’ve found an article with 12 tips to help keep you walking, even if you have sensitive knees.  Paragon Orthopedics Center thinks you will find it encouraging because it offers many solutions to the concerns many people with knee aches have.  Don’t let a sensitive knee stop you from getting the exercise you need, especially during this beautiful fall weather we are experiencing in Southern Oregon.  From choosing the right shoe, to the right walking surface, to finding the right time of day to walk, this article has many helpful tips.

12 Tips for Walking When You Have Sensitive Knees (verywellfit.com)

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