Why Surgery and Smoking Cannot Mix

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Why Surgery and Smoking Cannot Mix

If you are a smoker and have been seen by Dr. Bents or Dr. Van Horne at the Paragon Orthopedic Center, then you know that they will not do orthopedic surgery on you until you have stopped smoking.  And there is no fooling them.  They have their ways of finding out if you didn’t completely quit.  Why so strict?  It’s for your own good if you smoke.  The post-surgical consequences have been proven and can be dire: longer time for the broken bone to heal, poor healing of your wound, and infection are some of the problems that can lead to a less than satisfactory result.  Save money, save your health, save the loved ones around you who inhale the second-hand smoke and make this your 2021 New Year’s resolution.  The American Lung Association can help you.  Stop today.  Find more information and an easy link to the ALA here:


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