Yam vs. Sweet Potato…You Need To Know This!

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Yam vs. Sweet Potato…You Need To Know This!

The holiday season is approaching and Paragon Orthopedic Center would like you to be the best you this year by providing information to help you make smart, informed food choices.  Those tempting holiday treats are coming!  It’s even more important to keep your body well-nourished this year with the Covid-19 virus continuing to spread.  Having your body in tip-top shape will give you the best chances to fight off this virus successfully.

Today, we present you with a quiz to test your knowledge about a misunderstood tuber.  If you look in the grocery store, one store calls it a yam, while another calls it a sweet potato.  Why?  Well, when the orange variety of sweet potato was introduced here from Africa, producers and shippers chose to use the English form of the African word, “nyami,” which is yam.  True yams are very hard to find in our country, so what you see are all technically sweet potatoes.  This quiz is truly an eye-opener, practically guaranteed to teach you something.  Did you know that one of these two is toxic if eaten raw?  The North Carolina Sweet Potato Commission website has an enormous, fascinating amount of information beyond this quiz.  Check it out Southern Oregon, learn something new and interesting, and pass it along to others!


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