Your Mental Health, Part 2

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Your Mental Health, Part 2

We recently blogged about the importance of having ways to cope with the stress of all the world’s changes.  At Paragon Orthopedic Center, we do care about your orthopedic health, however, do not neglect your mental well-being.  The Wall Street Journal recently published a very good article on this subject and highlighted a strategy to stay resilient: gratitude.  How do you find gratitude when you aren’t sure when your next paycheck will arrive and the rent is due?  Here are a few ideas:

-Keep a gratitude journal.  It doesn’t have to be a lengthy commitment.  Writing what you are thankful for makes it more real and brings those thoughts to the forefront, rather than the negative thoughts.
-Change the negative into a positive.  Instead of thinking about how much it stinks being confined to your home, think, “I am looking forward to going out to dinner, a play, school, a bar, etc.”
-Give of yourself.  Find a way to use your talents and gifts to benefit others.

Did you know that feeling grateful releases hormones that make you feel good?  Three areas of the brain are triggered by these hormones.  Keeping good mental health can help your overall health, which is what we all want.  What are you grateful for Southern Oregon?  For more details on ways to cope, read here:


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