Youth sports set to begin, but are their bodies?

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Youth sports set to begin, but are their bodies?

Southern Oregon is finally starting to see news about prep sports, now that schools have been given the green light, and kids are more than ready to get out there!  Paragon Orthopedic Center would like you to keep in mind that after months of being fairly sedentary, their muscles and joints might not be as ready to go full tilt.  Dr. Rob Bents put together a video to show a training program for reducing ACL injuries, specifically aimed at girls, since they are structurally more prone to them.  All girls should be doing ACL warm-ups before practices and games, but it’s especially important now, as coaches put instant demands on their bodies to compete.  Dr. Bents went through the trouble to make the video because he feels strongly that this program works to keep girls playing and he would rather not see the season cut short over an injury that might have been prevented.  Here is the link for this short video that could save your young athlete a heartbreaking injury:


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